March 11, 2017

EP - Extreme Platinum
P - Platinum

Group Pieces

Every Heart ~ P

Somewhere over the Rainbow ~ EP also Judges special (beautiful port de bras) & choreography award

Samurai ~ P

Insane Asylum ~ EP


Secrets ~ EP (1st in category ~ 7th place over all Junior solos) ~ Carlena Osgood

6 foot 2 ~ EP (10th Place over all Junior solos) also Judges special (smile lights up the stage) ~ Reaghan Brady

Hallelujah ~ EP (1st in category ~ 4th place overall Junior duos/trios) Carlena Osgood, Tayla McDonald & Kyla McCarthy

Keep Holding On ~ P (10th place overall Junior duos/trios) ~ Mollie Osgood & Reaghan Brady

Scream ~ P ~ Corrine Forcina

Hybrid ~ EP ~ Katrina Riekstins

Forget About the Boy ~ P ~ Katie Leach

Black or White ~ P ~ Audrey Curdo

Let's Live it Up ~ P (8th place overall Junior duos/trios) Katie Leach & Audrey LaConte

Handclap ~ P ~ Marissa Gallozzi & Julia Kane

Willow ~ EP (15th place over all Teen solo's) ~ Katelyn Warren

Human ~ EP (14th place over all Teen solo's) ~ Tayla McDonald

Stand in the Light ~ P ~  Cece Peacock & Catherine Connolly

The  Sun is Rising ~ EP (6th place over all Teen duos/trios) ~ Carlena Osgood & Tayla

So Cold ~ P ~ Kaitlyn McGreal

Rise Up ~ EP (14th place over all Senior solos) also Judges special (ballet award) ~ Jessi Gillis

Big Time Operator ~ P (8th place overall Junior duo /trios) ~ Bella Piazza & Grace Constantine