This is a program designed for the serious dancer who is on a pre-professional track or looking for strictly technique classes.  Supplemental classes are a great compliment to students’ weekly classes.

Improve/Choreography (Ages 12+)

Delve deeper into your dance practice! This multi-faceted class will be organized into blocks designed to improve students' improvisation and composition skills, understanding of contemporary movement, and body awareness. Contemporary dancers today need to be able to engage with a variety of practices and techniques, and to be thoughtful creators as well as movers. We will investigate anatomy and healthy practice; sweat it out in improvisational tasks and taught phrases; infuse our movement choices with meaning, nuance, and creativity; and collaboratively build a piece throughout the year!

Pointe Variations/Repertory (Ages 12+)

Dancers must have strong ballet technique.

Students study classical and contemporary choreographers relevant to professional ballet company’s repertoire throughout the world. Students immerse themselves in theories and concepts developed by each choreographer to better develop their understanding of movement or portrayal of a character. Students can expect to develop a higher level of artistry within this class as their understanding of each variation/repertoire unfold.  Similar to our musical theater dance class this class will prepare students for college auditions or their next performance audition.

Pointe Variations class will focus on:

  • Establishing strong ballet technique

  • Increasing strength, flexibility, and endurance

  • Learning the dance vocabulary used in ballet

  • Building classical ballet repertoire of professional ballets (a priceless preparation for professional auditions and your career in general)

  • Learning both ballet and dance history which are incorporated right into the class

Partnering (Ages 13+)

Partnering classes will work various partnering skills. For our male dancers, this allows them to train in a way that provides them the strength to gracefully and confidently lift, catch and carry their female partner. For our female students, this class offers them the opportunity to be lifted and carried and to work the muscles necessary to be a graceful partner

Pre-Professional Program