Your yearly tuition for the approx. 33 weeks of the school year has been divided into 4 quarterly payments. Payments are due September 7th, November 5th, January 23rd and March 28th. To ensure all payments are received on time, we require all accounts leave a credit card on file with us. If a balance is not paid by the set due date, the card on file will be charged the Quarterly payment amount. This goes for costume payments as well, deposit due on October 15th and the balance is due on February 15th.

Payment options are cash, check, ACH payment and credit card. ACH payment is an electronic funds-transfer system from your checking account. There is a $20 return check fee.

Recurring payment options: 

By agreeing to recurring billing you authorize regularly scheduled charges to your Visa, Discover, MasterCard, checking or savings account. You will be charged each billing period for the total amount due for that period; the charge will appear on your credit card statement.

Quarterly payment is determined by hours danced. Discounts are received for multiple hours and are already reflected into our payment plan.

* Paid in full for year receive additional 5% discount

* 10% discount for additional family member. Discount(s) applies to the lower family member’s bill.

Individual Registration fee:
$25 per family

Hours per Week Quarterly Payment
30 minutes $90
45 minutes $117
1 hour $142
1-1/4 hours $165
1-1/2 hour $195
2 hours $257
2-1/2 hours $300
3 hours $362
3-1/2 hours $387
4 hours $425
4-1/2 hours $475
5 hours $500
5-1/2 hours $525
6 hours $537
6-1/2 hours $562
7 hours $600
7-1/2 hours $625
8 hours $650
8-1/2 hours $675
9 hours $700
9-1/2 hours $725
10 hours $750
10-1/2 hours $775
11 hours $800
Unlimited $825

*Added 15-minute increments will be calculated and shown in your statement


$65 Child costumes (XS-L)

$75 Adult costumes (XS-L) and XL child

$80 Adult costumes (XL)

Costumes are due in 2 installments.  $50 deposit is due October 15th and balance is due February 15th