Private voice lessons are tailored to the needs, interests, and goals of the individual.

Instructor and student work together to develop a healthy vocal technique, age appropriate repertoire, and an approach singing and performance that is singularly their own.


Private piano lessons are offered at the beginner and early intermediate level. Students will learn to read music, play scales and chords, and work on recital pieces.

The goal is not only to develop a solid musical foundation in piano which will greatly assist in the future pursuit of any musical instrument in any style, but most importantly to instill in the student a genuine love and appreciation for music.

 (Monday and Tuesday afternoons starting at 2:30pm) Lessons open to ages 5 to adult

30-minute lessons - $320.00 for 8 lessons

45-minute lessons - $470.00 (11+ option only) for 8 lessons

Session 1

September 10th – November 5th

September 13th – November 1st

Session 2

November 19th - January 28th

November 8th – January 17th

Studio Voice and Piano recital tentative date - Sunday February 4th

Session 3

February 4th – April 1st

January 24th – March 21st

Session 4

April 8th - June 10th

March 28th – May 23rd

Studio Voice and Piano Recital TBD