Hip Hop

(8 years & up)
1 hour class

From the streets to the dance studios, hip hop dance represents a cultural movement, the freedom of freestyle. It brings together the culture of street dancing and the technical training of dance.

Hip Hop has an entertainment quality that’s uniquely its own. It’s a popular, and energetic dance, which combines Hip-Hop elements like popping, locking, b-boying, house, and krump.  This class is going to teach you how to isolate every body part, learn body control and the breaking down of your own natural movement. The class will cover the fundamentals of hip hop dance: breaking, basic poppin, gliding krump and funk.  The history of the various poppin styles and the origin of where krump comes from and what it represents will be taught in the class. Get ready to bring your energy and dedication to the funk of hip hop.

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