(7 years & up)
The most rhythmic of all dance where rhythmic sounds are created by the feet.  Class consists of warm-up to stretch the muscles of the legs and feet. Different rhythmic combinations are worked on both across the floor and in the center adding more difficulty as the student becomes more advanced and proficient.  The goal in tap dancing is to produce clear, clean sounds, with various levels of tone.
(45-minute class)

Theatre Dance – Dancers must have strong jazz and tap technique

Students learn original Broadway choreography from jazz and tap styles of musical theatre.  This class is designed for the busy theatre students to learn a combination of musical theatre dance, jazz and tap technique in multiple Broadway styles.  In the performing business, auditions are your tests, and dance classes are where you study.  Whether you are preparing for professional auditions in New York, college auditions, or your next show audition, this class will get you to where you want to be.

Theater Dance will class focus on…

  • Establishing strong dance technique
  • Increasing strength, flexibility, and endurance
  • Learning the dance vocabulary used in musical theatre
  • Building musical theatre dance repertoire of Broadway Choreography (a priceless preparation for professional auditions and your career in general)
  • Learning both musical theatre and dance history which are incorporated right into the class